Making Data Meaningful (MDM) isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s the mission fulfilled daily by our team members and partners around the world.

Since 2005 MDM has been focused on real business value, which we enhance in two ways: First, we work with business units in companies large and small to help them identify, gather, analyze and capitalize on the valuable data that resides in every corner of their enterprise. Second, we free IT staffs in hundreds of companies to focus on their valuable business knowledge, while we provide true 24 X 7 coverage for critical and important day-to-day concerns like availability and recoverability. We give clients the tools and the time to make better decisions.

About MDM

MDM is an information, intelligence and analytics consulting firm comprised of business and technology professionals headquartered in Tallin, Estonia.

For 18 years, MDM has developed over 100 projects leveraging data and analytics. MDM applies local accountability, visibility, and a flexible mix of business and technology resources to bring clients the right skills at the right cost. The result is an enhanced ability to deliver superior competitive solutions.

We are focused on getting the most from your existing technology investments. MDM’s experiences include the major technology tools, and we continue to stay current with our training and understanding of upcoming tools and technologies.

The MDM Blog: A note from the Managing Editor

Making Data Meaningful is a blog authored by the employees of MDM Group and some of the best contributors in the business intelligence and data analytics field.

The blog is designed as a platform to share wisdom and thoughts on business analytics, data visualization, big data, data management, information alignment, strategy and much more. It is our firm belief that fostering and championing communication we will ultimately yield greater innovation within the industry. We welcome you to join the dialogue with comments on each post, following our group page on LinkedIn and subscribing to Making Data Meaningful Monthly.

Please feel free to contact me directly with thoughts on current posts, ideas for what you would like to read more on, or anything regarding the services provided by MDM.

Peter Addy | Managing Editor
[email protected]