If you haven’t done so lately, it’s time to take another look at MicroStrategy.  They have done a great job in updating their offerings to match what is currently hot in the marketplace.  They couple eloquently form and function together to please customers and technicians.  You are sure to find interesting and thought provoking content within their product offerings.  And you might even find things that have personal application as well as business application.

Here are the latest focus points in their strategy:

MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence

One of the pillars MicroStrategy is focusing on is Cloud Intelligence.  The details about the structure and function of the cloud are easy to understand.  It is a seamless fit into the Microstrategy BI environment.  After an initial perusal of the offering, it is easy to see the power, flexibility, and security of cloud computing, and how one is able to utilize it to drive their business decisions and adoption within organizations.  MicroStrategy has gone to great lengths to highlight the advantages, the steps necessary to setup and deploy, and as a result benefit from the MicroStrategy Cloud.  I believe this is a special niche that those who can visualize how to ramp up business intelligence projects without a lot of the normal overhead of software/hardware procurement as part of projects.  One is left to focus on what they do best, and leverage an optimized platform as part of the overall deliverable.

MicroStrategy Mobile Intelligence

Microstrategy has bet the business to emphasize the importance of mobile intelligence.  They believe that it will overtake the traditional web browser based intelligence that is prevalent today.  MicroStrategy focuses on educating the business and developer community about the value of the MicroStrategy Mobile platform.  It is easy to gain access to learn how to use the MicroStrategy platform to design, build out, maintain, support, and customize visually enticing apps for multiple output devices (iPad, iPhone), while leveraging the enterprise-caliber features of the MicroStrategy BI platform. This is achieved by implementing the metadata layer that governs all content.  Highlighting such functionality, it helps to show that MicroStrategy is clearly the market leader within this pillar and there were customer stories to back up this claim.

MicroStrategy Social Intelligence

This is the most unusually interesting pillar due to the cutting edge nature of it.  MicroStrategy Social Intelligence solutionsis designed for both commercial customers and the consumer in the marketplace.  MicroStrategy has built a bridge between the two that is compelling and an opportunity for those that have the courage to leverage it.  MicroStrategy latest offerings that enable in-depth analysis of the Facebook fan base.  They also focused on how to apply the research in the wealth of information available at Facebook to deliver very effective marketing campaigns, which basically makes the older style CRM systems obsolete.  MicroStrategy walked through the steps and their products that help make this happen, which turn the promise of social media content into real business opportunities.  Once engaged, a loyal fan-base turns into revenue… and companies that understand this and who those customers are, they will achieve a competitive advantage.

MicroStrategy Big Data

Big Data is here now.  MicroStrategy has methods and technology that help clients deal with the extreme data volumes.  The point was made that companies need to have the ability to use very large databases and data sets to make intelligent business decisions to drive growth and gain competitive advantages.  Often interesting information is lurking in the details and MicroStrategy provides a method to make sense of it.  MicroStrategy also offer features such as improved self-service that reduces the reliance on IT, when it comes to navigating the business intelligence architecture.  There is even the possibility to connect MicroStrategy to Hadoop and begin to analyze web logs in a very easy to consume fashion.  In addition, MicroStrategy focused on high performance across the entire platform to eliminate latency issues and meet performance goals.

The time is now to take a fresh look at Microstrategy.  They are a big time player in the tools space to enable Business Intelligence.  You won’t regret it.


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