The URL for this site,, has presented a lot of meaningful commentary and information since its inception. Our mission has long been to provide its customers with the skills and strategy required to extract value from their data—from ETL and data visualization, to complex analytics designed to reveal new patterns in information. Today we redefine and extend that mission, even as we adopt an exciting new brand.

We have long enjoyed a close partnership with dbaDIRECT, the industry’s premier provider of remote infrastructure support services. Now, we rebrand together as MDM (Making Data Meaningful), with the unified goal of aiding customers in collecting, defining, analyzing and capitalizing on the data that runs their business, while simultaneously ensuring that the infrastructure required to meet that goal is available, recoverable, and functioning as designed. In short, MDM will offer a more complete understanding of meaningful data than ever before. After all, in order to be meaningful, data must first be:

  • Available

Availability begins with good design, but also requires a watchful eye and ready hands to address issues. It means keeping systems up and recoverable, and optimizing processes like data extraction and transformation. MDM designs with the end in mind, and offers complete support, 24X7.

  • Accurate

To be accurate, data must be complete. MDM helps unify its customers understanding of data across their environment.

  • Actionable

Like a coworker at a water cooler, data always tells a story. But the story needs to go somewhere. Meaningful data drives action; it fuels better decisions. MDM works to understand its client’s goals and power meaningful choices.

dbaDIRECT brings to “Making Data Meaningful” a toolset that helps customers balance the need for Capacity, Coverage, and Cost across their IT environment. We’ll also continue to offer business-focused data management methodologies designed to add value to your enterprise.

If you have been a our customer, your contacts and services haven’t change. Our new MDM brand simply adds exciting new services to the lineup you’ve already enjoyed. If you’re not yet a client, now is the perfect time to find out more about how your data—the data you are required to preserve, secure, and store—can be working for you; instead of the other way around.


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